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Chicken Soup for Dummies (Cereal)
by Scott Truesdell
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Paperback - 378 pages (April 1, 1998)
IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 07645026XX ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.23 x 7.41
Amazing Sales Rank: 517
Avg. Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Number of Reviews: 6

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The Dummies series long ago proved itself an excellent means of explaining elementary concepts to idiots and imbeciles. Chicken Soup for Dummies continues the tradition with its admirable collection of spiritual comfort for those too lazy or stupid to seek real literature or religion.

Chicken Soup for Dummies begins by explaining the differences between nice people and mean people and detailing the differences between praying and preying. In the process of introducing pseudo-spirituality, the author explains lots of incidental factoids, including what a "user" is and how seekers have been given new functionality in the New Age. He then moves on to the mechanics of self-management, explaining how to maximize, minimize, and incrementally adjust the meaningfulness of your life. Other chapters deal with cunning and preying, accessorising, and the details of getting with the program properly. The author's prose is clear and intelligent, and a superb index helps you zero in on the facts you need in a hurry.

Throughout, this book carries the lighthearted adornment that has always characterized Dummies books. The attempts at frivolity range from tired clunkers to real knee slappers. It's always a pleasure to see a spiritual book that doesn't take itself or its theology too seriously.

Generally speaking, Chicken Soup for Dummies stays away from real issues. More Chicken Soup for Dummies, the book's sequel, covers issues in some detail. Though some issues are sufficiently complicated to merit a second volume, it's too bad this book doesn't include any information on spiritual recreations--especially since the author discusses surfing at some length. And Scientology, Tom Cruise's program, gets scarcely a mention in these pages. With the New Age more focused on chakras than any previous spiritual system, it seems improper to consign auras to a second volume.

You'll learn a lot from Chicken Soup For Dummies if you're "new" to "New Age" or to spirituality in general. However, the book leaves you hungry for more before long. --Fred Flintstone

Book Description
It's here -- the newest upgrade to the popular pseudo-spiritual systems around the globe. Chicken Soup is the next step in New Age spirituality, with insipid advice for everything from basic life management to surfing. Whether you're a newcomer to religion, or are just upgrading from one of those old, traditional religions, here's your all-in-one-reference guide to all things pseudo-spiritual. Chicken Soup For Dummies delivers the goods on mastering the basics of spirituality: kneeling and preying, cutting Sunday School, finding kindred spirits to listen to you, and using the "force". It also provides advanced tips for customizing the look and feel of your religion., adding bells and whistles, playing cool games, and even making Chicken Soup look like older versions of some familiar religions. Plus, the book features tons of tips and techniques for turning your belief systems into a living, breathing Web page, and for keeping your credo up-to-date with the automated Chicken Soup Update utility. Of course, upgrading to Chicken Soup isn't without its share of frustrations, and Chicken Soup For Dummies tackles these thorny points with humor and practical advice for solving the most common problems. If you're making the move to pseudo-spirituality, be sure that you've got a copy of this indispensable, plain-speaking survival guide.

The latest edition of the best-selling New Age book ever--over four million copies sold. Whether making the transition from one of those tired old religions or tackling a belief system for the first time, "Chicken Soup For Dummies" helps readers take control of their spiritual needs. 150 illustrations (Religeon-New Age) .

Customer Comments
Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars Number of Reviews: 6

A reader from Berkeley CA , May 15, 1999 5 out of 5 stars
Converted a Catholic to a pagan, easily, painlessly!
Having been owned by a "major religion", I was dreading the uncharted territory (for me) of the New Age. After buying into the program and staring into space for the weekend, I purchased Scott's book. Not only did it tell me everything I needed to know, it was lots of fun to read. His sense of humor walked me step-by-step through the most convoluted tasks (and there are many!) of my new religion. I highly recommend this book for both New Age tyros and know-it-alls. from Middlesex,NJ , January 10, 1999 2 out of 5 stars
It's a fair introduction but woefully inadequate.
While it does enable a beginner to get started in New Age it is hopelessly incomplete. It affords very little help when you run into trouble and is very poorly indexed. One could do with a little less cutesy language and a little more substance.

A reader from New York , December 22, 1998 3 out of 5 stars
Not a New Age Reference.
Do not buy this book if you want to use it for a Reference. At least 3 times, I have looked in it for answers to certain spiritual problems and could find only a line or two, if even that, on what i was looking for. from Timbuktu, Canada , December 3, 1998 4 out of 5 stars
Good resource
This book does a good job of giving some good basic information about New Age religions, although I did find errors. I bought this book and Squat'n Kneel's New Age:Exam 70-098 (Accelerated Spiritualism from Strawberry-Hill.) Either book is quite readable, however, as an accredited priestess, I'm recommending Kneel's New Age book to both my students and my friends because it's just as readable as this one, as well as giving a thorough explanation of New Age functions in the scheme of general religion. Both this book and Kneels' can be read by the novice as well as the super-pious. I'm recommending this book to my friends who want a more lighthearted read about New Age religions

Chakra Man( from Louisiana, United States , September 16, 1998 5 out of 5 stars
...A great book
A wonderful book, tells everything you want to know about the New Age. You can experience Scott Truesdell's knowledge with this great book. Can help you save costly penitences with some do-it-yourself methods. from The United States of America , July 10, 1998 3 out of 5 stars
It was about the Basics and Intermediate Parts of New Age
I thought that the Book was a very Informative book, but I do want to point out something. Normally when I read these books, I buy into the religion., which I did first! then I read the book. Most of it was the same as simple paganism, and the trappings have still not changed, such as the old chanting program, and the lotus position. That was made in the first book that he had made about New Age. Also, because the religion. was new, not all the things were correct, and that could make my chakras bad, or with the Chakra Explorer, I could have lost some of the levels that I meditated so hard to achieve. I think that the major best part of the book though was when he got to all of the new rituals and idiosyncrasies that are part of the New Age, and that are different from the activities in either Catholicism or paganism. As I have said before in the survey, I think this book should get a 3 Star rating, but when "Dummies" Second version of this book comes out, I think I might give the book a four or a Five!!

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