Bass Tools Box

by Scott Truesdell

August, 2015

Ibanez SR1200E

Last month I bought a gorgeous used Ibanez SR1200E. It has an active EQ which uses a standard 9 volt battery. The bass will play perfectly fine without the EQ but then you lose the incredible tonal palette of which this instrument is capable.

I wanted to keep a fresh battery in the case. But a loose battery can rattle around and short itself causing it to discharge or, worse, leak. So I needed a short-proof, leak-resistent battery holder. I decided to expand the battery holder to include basic set-up tools.

I searched for ready-made basic boxes that would fit in the compartment in the bass case but I didn't find anything of reasonable cost that would fit. I already had several cheap boxes from Michael's which were too big but I figured I could try to modify one to fit the case and suit my needs.

The box needed to be shorter top-to-bottom (easy) and shallower front-to-back (more difficult.) I simply sliced out a section from the center of the box and glued the pieces back together again.

After the two halves were joined and after the bottom part of the box was lowered by 3/8″, I glued on some mahogany veneer to the top and bottom. Not only did this add some beauty, it added some strength to the glued seam.

I upgraded the butt hinges from my parts bin and took the care to install them square; the original cheap hinges were very visibly crooked.

I would have liked to upgrade the latch, but it would not fit cleanly into the space I had for it.

click on these images to see more detail

chisel box, closed

finished box

chisel box, opened

top view of mahogany veneer

chisel box, interior

the main glue seam is clearly visible here

chisel box, interior

upgraded hinges installed straight

chisel box, interior

the compartment dividers are made from strips of basswood

chisel box, interior

you can see the better latch in the large compartment

chisel box, opened

here’s the tool box, nestled in the case

chisel box, opened

Another quickie utilitarian project which turned out pretty well