My web design goals are for complete, consistent, and error-free pages that are compatible with the maximum number of computer systems and web browsers (including web-capable cell phones and PDAs.) The pages will have a high degree of accessibility re: Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and Section 508. In addition, the pages are easy to maintain by entry-level web editors.


Linux/Unix/Solaris/SVR4: medium to strong. I write complex shell scripts and I have installed Linux (and Solaris/SunOS) from scratch, old-school style — no installers.

PHP: version 5.2.17 strong. www.eng.uci.edu is all php using templates. (Since leaving UCI the Engineering site has been recast in Drupal.)

MySQL: weak to medium. I am familiar with MySQL and have made small databases. I am not an expert in MySQL syntax but I am very good at normalizing databases.

Apache: medium to strong. I have installed and configured Apache from scratch.

XHTML: I changed over to XHTML 1 strict in 2005 for all my pages.

HTML5: I have been crafting pages in HTML5 but this is on hold because I still need to support older browsers.

CSS: I switched in 2005 to designing all page layouts using CSS.

Photoshop and Illustrator: expert at retouching photos and optimizing for web including using the best file format for any particular image. New images are created in Illustrator for device-independence and editability, then down-converted in Photoshop.

eCommerce: Experience in adapting CubeCart (PHP/MySQL/CSS) to fit with an existing site design.

Some examples of my recent PHP/XHTML/CSS work are here:

Recent Reading

Professional Experience

Freelance Web Design

I work out of my home office and specialize in simple web "business cards" — about; gallery; contact info.

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering - UC Irvine, April, 2000 to March 2005:

Web Administrator:

Under direction of the Assistant Dean for Planning & Administration, I was responsible for design, administration and maintenance of the web site for The Henry Samueli School of Engineering www.eng.uci.edu . I coordinated material from the dean's office, communications, HR, and department liaisons to ensure current, accurate, approved content. I established procedures for content submission and approval that has made it possible for one person to maintain well over 1,000 pages with both design flexibility and consistent operation.

Information and Computer Science - UC Irvine, October, 1988 - April, 2000:

Computer Systems and Network Administrator:

Conceived, proposed, budgeted and implemented several large laboratories and networks. Established uniform software environment and automated techniques for maintenance of the environment. Spearheaded the move to modern networking. Devised and implemented low cost improvements to the reliability and physical security of computer hardware. Approached 100% uptime for office and lab computers.

Summer Institute in Computer Science - ICS, Summer, 2003, 2004, 2005:

Instructor in web-site design for the American Indian Summer Institute:

Taught accelerated course to Native American high school students from western United States.


Bachelor of Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of California, Irvine. 1975 Minor: Computer Science.


John Romine Director, Administrative & Lab Computing, Henry Samueli School of Engineering. jromine@uci.edu (949) 824-7554

Debra Richardson, Dean, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences djr@uci.edu (949) 824-7405

John King, Professor and Dean, School of Information, University of Michigan; Former Dean, GSM; Former Chair, ICS; jlking@umich.edu (734) 647-3576

Beth Harnick-Shapiro, Director of Web Communications, University Communications, University of California, Irvine.