How to Build a Scale Model

a step by step guide

If you follow the steps in order you will end up with a high-quality scale model that you will be proud to display.


step 1:

Cut two halves of helicopter body (A1 & A2) from plastic sprue A.

a little prick with the knife

step 2:

Shave plastic sprue nubs from helicopter blades B4, B5, B6 & B7.

step 3

step 3:

Glue body halves (A1 & A2) together.

watch that knife!

step 4:

Carefully remove plastic support X from body to aid in door assembly.

bloody fingers

step 5:

Trim transparent window pieces from sprue C.

bloody hands

step 6:

Cement pilot A4 into seat assembly. Cement into cockpit.

bloody up past the wrists

step 7:

Cement door assemblies A7 & A8 into appropriate body sides.

Panel lines should line up with body and handles should be near the front edge.

lose consciousness

step 8:

Trim pilot A5 from sprue A and cement into seat assembly.

Cement assembled pilot and seat into the cockpit.

freind walks in door

step 9:

Assemble the rotor from parts B4, B5, B6, B7, B19, B20 & A13.

friend shocked at unconscious builder

step 10:

After carefully gluing in the windows from sprue C into the frames, cement the landing gear to the bottom of the fuselage.

friend tries to revive builder

step 11:

Snap in the rotor assembly from step 9 into the hole in the top of the fuselage.

DO NOT CEMENT. The rotor assembly should spin freely.

builder revives enough to beg for help

step 12:

Apply the decals for the squadron of your choice using the guide on page 4.

builder collapses in friends arms

step 13:

Apply any weathering if desired at this time.

friend expresses grief over dead builder

step 14:

Congratulations! Your Huey Hog helicopter is now ready for display!

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