20 Things Customers Do That Annoy Retail Workers

#8 Should Be Illegal.

by Iamasdaman

original article on tickld.com

  1. "Do you work here?" No, I just sit in my little boxed off area and wear the worker shirt for kicks and giggles...
  2. When customers get mad at employees for poorly made clothing or damaged items.
  3. Decide they don't want something at the till and just leave it there.
  4. Return something only moments after initially buying it.
  5. Tell you that an item that you sell is cheaper in another store. Best be on your way then!
  6. Make four different transactions... by card.
  7. Try to return products which have been damaged by misuse.
  8. Spend half an hour browsing when the store is trying to close.
  9. Talk on their phones while you're trying to help them.
  10. When they hand you a $50/$100 bill, and while you're checking it they say, "I just made that myself."
  11. The extreme coupon people.
  12. Parents that allow their children to run rampant. I'm not saying put your kid on a leash or anything, but don't let them ruin my t-shirt table or end cap.
  13. When a customer destroys a pile of shirts looking for their size.
  14. Complain about the prices. News flash, I don't set the prices! Either fork over the cash or GTFO.
  15. When customers leave clothes in the fitting room or even worse, in a ball on the floor. I don't want to put all that crap back. If you work in a busy store like I do, you don't have time to put back 20 things from every customer that goes into a fitting room.
  16. When a customer lays the money on the table, then when giving change, expects for it to go in their hand.
  17. "Are there more in the back?" No. The "back" isn't a magical place that produces whatever we demand.
  18. "You look like you need something to do." Winner, winner! You're the 1,000th customer to say this to me today!
  19. "You look bored." Because I am. Now let me ring your items up so you can be on your way.
  20. "So that means it's free, right?" Oh, because it didn't scan? Insert fake laugh here.