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you are old.
Yep. Quite possibly older than your dad. One of the very short list of good things that come from not having died yet is the gift of long-range perspective. It becomes easier to differentiate fads from genuine trends, aberrations from evolution.

Honestly i do obsess on footware, belts, small items of jewelery, sunglasses. It is part of my style.
Your style is something you made up about yourself. It has nothing to do with what you really are — morally, ethically, spiritually — or how skilled or intelligent you may be or how others may perceive you. It's what you think you want to be, not what you are. That is the up-side. The down-side is that it may reveal your level of superficiality. Be careful how you choose to "style" yourself; the results may be different from your intentions.

Maybe it has to do with my group and my age. Im a gen y'er this is how we choose to look.
It's not an age issue or a generational issue. It's self perception based on culture. There are tools in every generation — yours, mine, my parent's...

It helps me with something that is important to me...picking up and getting attention from girls.
That is just flat-out delusional. No woman worth spending time with is fooled by that. They are not that dumb, you know. They went to the same schools as you, watched the same TV shows, and dated enough guys that they pretty much know everything you know. They may like you despite your camouflage and make-up, not because of it.

Think of it: have you ever picked a woman based on how her eye-liner was applied? I don't know; maybe you have; I have not. And I don't delude myself by thinking they will select me for mating based on my make-up or whether my outfit is coordinated.

Lynch me why dont cha? Last time i checked its not illegal, nor looked down upon by society to want to mate with another female.
Oh hell no. I'm all for mating. I hope your relationships are satisfying and fulfilling.

PS, i do put product in my hair. I use mens Redkin shampoo and conditioner (smells really good if youve never tried it). After towel drying my hair i put in a product (forgot the name atm) to style it. I also wash and moisturize my face with a product called Cetaphil.
UM-WRXer, stop! Do you have any idea how much of a tool this makes you sound? Didn't you learn anything from Fight Club?

The things i do are commonly known as hygiene....
No. Hygiene is being clean and healthy and not smelling. What you are doing is called "make-up" and it's been shoved down your throat by advertising. You don't seriously think your life will be materially better by opting for one brand name over another.

Why would I even care enough about this crap to take the time to write about it? The answer: I'm selfish. If I can do one little thing to make one person more aware of their motivations and drives, then I make the world around me more pleasant for me to be in. I think of it as being the equivalent of calling in a drunk driver.

Oh.. and I'm avoiding doing real work.