from chris619:

i can relate to all those guys who got suckered for booze and got no ass :mad:

This is me trying not to sound like a dick...

In which Man Manual does it state that booze + females = anything other than drunk females?

What ethical code is involved here?

And for sure there is no rule that says "nice guy" = "chump".

Step back a few paces and look at your track record.

You do something with a woman.

  1. Sometimes it entails buying her dinner and/or drinks and/or some entertainment.
  2. Other times maybe you just end up at the same event and enjoy spending time in each others company.

So what is the ratio of having sex with the woman after "a" or "b"?

Because, with a decent sample size, I'd have to say "a" and "b" have roughly an equal probability of subsequent sex.

Now from a different angle:

Let's say your ratio of having sex with a newly-met woman (say, for example, by the 4th meeting but who knows? Maybe the 1st) is 30%. That is, with 3 out of every 10 women who you would like to blast with baby batter, the magic happens.

Is that ratio changed substantially from scenario "a" or "b"? Be honest.

So no matter what you do, any woman with whom you fancy a shag has a 30% likelihood of going along with the idea.

So is there any reason at all to get all twisted up when plan "a" doesn't yield instant returns? You're only going to get yer wiener wet 3 times out of 10 so why sweat it. You're going to get yer wiener wet 3 times out of 10! That's not bad! :ritz: Like a boss!

I think that most guys are so insecure that they think if they don't have some sort of edge, no woman will respect (have sex with) them. That insecurity leads to pretty much every form of douchebaggedness in existence. Here's the facts: your maleness is all the edge you need. You paying attention to her satisfies her need to feel like she could be a mother and multiply and replenish the earth. To feel like her milkshake can bring all the boys to the yard satisfies her need to feel like a real woman.