Espionage, Stealing and Capitalism:

China Just follows Europe and America

by: Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

March 5th, 2013

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Chinese Spying

Without aggression and stealing capitalism is not possible. European burglary in Africa made the western prosperity possible. China wealth creation and accumulation won’t go without aggression and stealing.

According to Max Weber, in societies with different religions, most successful business leaders are Protestant. The reason, he wrote in his essay The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, is the belief that salvation comes to a protestant through accumulation of wealth with work hard, and then reinvesting the profits of his work in further development, rather than frivolous pleasures. Therefore being successful in business is a religious calling that each individual had to take for his personal salvation.

Capitalism has prospered on that premise. However in its early days, the captains of the emerging industries need capital and raw materials they didn’t have or couldn’t afford to buy. To make a long story short, Europe went out for burglary to solve the “capital” problem.

Slavery of millions of black people, colonialism, and free exploitation of other countries people and resources provided Europe with the “capital” needed to kick start what came to be know as modern capitalism.

The image below explains how the Black Slave has been the main sponsor of the global wealth creation system.

African Slavery Capitalism

The New York Stock Exchange was based on the auctioning of slaves. Between 60 and 100 million slaves were transported to America. The slave trade became one of the cornerstones of New York’s commercial prosperity in the eighteenth century. Slave auctions were held weekly, and sometimes daily at markets throughout New York City‚Ķ A commercially profitable slave system became a common goal of both governments and private interests.

China is the next world power, and it has learned well from the previous world powers: Europe and America. Chinese know that European and American won’t just give away their wealth or friendly share their knowledge and technology. They know that they have to go out there and take whatever they need with or without consent. That’s how you build a Super Power!

There is a lesson here for African countries: Don’t expect other nations to transfer their technology and knowledge to you though humanitarian programs. It won’t happen. Before Chinese, Russian and Japanese paved their way to high technology through organized economical and industrial espionage. The myth of friendly transfer of technology is still holding Africans in the starting block.

Sad to say, But Don’t expect much from those who have it all already!

no help hypocracy

Baby, Go out there and take what you need!

Sigh... What a wild world!