How to Ask a Boss for a One Night Stand

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So you have a super hot boss who is single, your age, and ready for an incredible time. So here's how to get him out of the office, and into your bedroom


Take it down a button


Take it down a button. This may seem old school, but it works. Dressing in your lower cut blouse or wearing that new size 2 pencil skirt will make his heart race.

Ask to see him after hours


Ask to see him after hours. Staying after to "work" can improve your chances. Try to wear the least amount of clothing possible, for example; come back from the bathroom and still be buttoning up your shirt, or heck, don't even wear one! Just make sure that you have a pretty bra on!

Turn up the heat


Turn up the heat. If you can get a hold of the thermostat, try to crank up the heat by a few degrees. As it starts to get hotter he may start to take off his jacket and tie, and you can start to unbutton your shirt!

Get him into your house


Get him into your house. After you have finished work, ask if he can come check a file or something really quick at your house. If he agrees, then once you get there, start to get a little comfortable. Inside your house you can start to kick off your shoes and take off your tights, maybe put on your underwear and tank top to sleep!

Make him undress


Make him undress. Spilling something on his shirt is usually the best way to go. This way he usually takes off his shirt and jacket so he is completely topless. If you are at your house, offer to run and get him a towel. Start lightly patting his chest, then make your way down to the crotch. As you go lower, and lower, try to get closer to him. Maybe kiss him lightly once, making him want more. If you're daring enough, maybe even slide the towel down beneath his pants. This will make him flat out attack you, no matter where in the house you are!



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