16 Hilarious Then Vs Now Truths About Life

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There is no denying that the world is changing rapidly, and as adaptive creatures, we change right along with it. So, when you can take a look back in time and compare it to life nowadays, it's incredibly shocking to see the differences. Even better, of course, is when it's illustrated for you.

1. Oh the shame we feel now. Remember when it was exciting because it was a rare treat to eat at a fast food place? Those were the days.


2. Our cameras take ten times better photos so that we can take feet shots on vacation. Hmm.

holiday pics

3. And the recovery times for staying up all night are vastly different as well.

staying up

4. Only $50 for 20 diamonds?! Done! Now I can move to the next upgrade. YES!

level up

5. The balance is always maintained.


6. The number of times I've said "ugh why don't they just text it to me" is shameful.


7. Oh man, when was the last time I was on a corded phone?! That takes me back.


8. I think our kids might be allergic to fresh air and exercise.

fresh air

9. This is just awkward for everybody.


10. Nothing like a mid-run selfie to make sure that everyone knows you're working out.

exercise selfies

11. Totally different take on the word sharing.


12. Reality TV can fix anything.

reality tv

13. Seriously... remember when your biggest nightmare was the boogie man in your closet? Now I'm terrified when my credit card statements come in.

fear of doctors

14. Seriously... what happened to suave?


15. And he's by himself in the dark.


16. Then again, some things never changeā€¦

harry potter